Maximize opportunity

Throughout Saginaw County, hundreds of young people suffer from complex emotional and behavioral challenges, sometimes referred to as Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED).

It affects their work in school, their family stability and their interactions with others. Helping them requires not only family support, but a carefully coordinated team approach that often involves the educational, mental health, child welfare, healthcare, juvenile justice and law enforcement systems.

Saginaw MAX was developed to help meet the unique needs of youth with complex emotional and behavioral challenges. It is a partnership of all the child- and family-serving agencies that can provide the necessary services to these youth. It is designed to provide tightly coordinated care — a system that maximizes resources, maximizes teamwork and maximizes results.

Saginaw MAX looks at care as a process built around five principles:

  • All planning and service delivery is family-driven and youth-guided.
  • Services are planned, delivered and managed at the community level.
  • Agencies and programs are equally able to serve all people who need service, regardless of racial, ethnic, language or cultural differences.
  • Public and private agencies are all working together for the benefit of the youth and his or her family.
  • All care is designed for the individual, and evidence and scientific-based — meaning its application is rooted in solid research and is based on proven results.

This creates, for each child, a well-informed, well-coordinated team — a team that includes, at the center, the child and his or her family. But people from the community play an important role in the system, as well. Together, this maximizes opportunities for all — and helps us build a stronger community.

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