ERTFT: Empowered to Reach and Teach Families Team

The Empowered to Reach and Teach Families Team (ERTFT) is responsible for providing input to the Saginaw MAX System of Care effort, ensuring the effort remains aware of families’ experiences and identifying strategies for promoting family engagement.


  1. Serve as equal members in the Saginaw MAX governance as advocates and decision makers;
  2. Serves as a place for development of leadership skills and experience;
  3. Provide outreach, education and support to families and Saginaw MAX partners in order to engage them in MAX efforts;
  4. Hold the broader system of care accountable for meeting high standards of care including cultural and linguistic competence; family and youth involvement; and effective (evidence-based) practice.


The ERTFT is made up of 1) family members who are day to day caregivers currently raising children, youth or adolescents between the ages of six and 17 years old with serious emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges; 2) family members who were/are day to day caregivers of a youth or adolescents with serious emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges who are 18 and over; 3) champions of children’s mental health (examples: aunts, uncles, grandparents, licensed certified foster care parents, system and community partners). ERTFT members also have current, firsthand knowledge of navigating multiple child serving systems as well as experience with and are conscious of the struggle and recognize the standpoint of the parent.


Copy: This is an ongoing team, estimated to meet for and beyond the life of the grant. The team meets at least monthly for about two hours (but more frequently if needed) and also completes some work behind the scenes and as part of other teams and workgroups (estimated to take two to three hours a month). A designated number of representatives also hold voting membership in the Coordinating Council, subcommittees, teams and work groups which are estimated to meet monthly. There are opportunities for leadership development through trainings and conferences, both individually and alongside system and community partners as learners and co-trainers/co-presenters.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Family Development Team, use our contact form, or call 989.797.3400.


View and print the ERTFT Referral Form here.

View the 2016 ERTFT Meetings, Trainings, and Workshops Calendar here.

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