Implementation and Care Review Team

The Implementation and Care Review Team supports the Coordinating Council and the Administrative team in the development of policies, procedures and strategies for direct implementation of SOC services and supports, including eligibility and referral into the System of Care and Wraparound implementation. The team informs eligibility standards and protocols, reviews fidelity and satisfaction information and identifies barriers to service delivery and community resources.


  1. The workgroup assists in the development of policies and procedures for Wraparound implementation, including admission standards and protocols.
  2. The workgroup reviews fidelity and satisfaction information and make recommendations as needed.
  3. Workgroup members identify practices and procedures that support and impede the SAMHSA System of Care effort and attempt to resolve barriers or make recommendations to the Coordinating Council.


The Implementation and Care Review Team is made up of System of Care partner agency representatives (possibly mid-level supervisors) and youth and family members interested in improving service integration and access. The team is organized and supported by the Administrative Team.


This is an ongoing workgroup. The team meets at least monthly for about two hours (but more frequently if needed) and also completes some work behind the scenes (estimated to take two to three hours a month). The workgroup provides regular progress updates to the Coordinating Council.

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