Social Marketing


The Social Marketing Committee is responsible for developing and executing the Social Marketing Plan, raising awareness about mental health, reducing stigma in Saginaw County, and promoting the Saginaw MAX initiative to key audiences.


To maximize the quality of life for children with complex emotional and behavioral challenges and their families. We do this by eliminating stigma, enhancing social inclusion, and educating the community about these challenges.


  1. Develop and provide informational presentations on Saginaw MAX to be led by youth, families and staff. Presentations to be hosted on a regular basis for system partners at meetings, special events, orientations, etc., as well as in the community and to interested organizations/venues that have the potential to interact with and influence target population(s).
  2. Host and attend special events in the Saginaw County area to promote awareness of Saginaw MAX and mental health needs in the community. Events should be culturally diverse and reach the Saginaw MAX target population(s).
  3. Develop audience specific print materials (orientation guides, general information brochures, youth targeted, family targeted, etc.) regarding Saginaw MAX System of Care and regularly distribute/restock materials to system partners, community organizations, and at community events.
  4. Regularly distribute Saginaw MAX window decals to system partners for display in entranceway/main windows as a means of identifying themselves as having knowledge of System of Care and being a partner in the initiative.
  5. Regularly provide outcomes data to system partners for review and analysis. Should be used as a benchmark to evaluate what approaches are working under System of Care and what needs adjustment.
  6. Develop social media plan and utilize free social media tools to provide information about Saginaw MAX, partnerships, and mental health education. Social media will be used in conjunction with the Saginaw MAX website, developed by the social marketing team, families, youth, and SOC staff.
  7. Coordinate placement of Saginaw MAX print ads in local publications, in conjunction with editorial articles written by youth, families, staff and system partners, to promote awareness.
  8. Other marketing and relationship building tasks as necessary

Membership and Structure

The Social Marketing Committee is made up of 1) community members, including families, youth, and system partners, interested in educating the community about mental health and System of Care, and 2) System of Care Administrative staff. Members should also feel comfortable presenting in front of groups.

Estimated Time Commitment

This is an ongoing workgroup. The group meets at least monthly for about two hours (but more frequently if needed) and also completes work behind the scenes on other planning committees. Members also spend time in the community promoting Saginaw MAX at events and presentations.


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