Technical Assistance Training Team


The Technical Assistance and Training Team is responsible for providing a forum for development of the education and training initiative for System of Care.


  1. Training Development
    • Create a curriculum with a core set of trainings available, incorporating family driven, youth guided and CLC components throughout
    • Create trainings that the team would provide, tailored to specific audiences
    • Research what training needs are being identified in community groups
    • Look for trainings/conferences to sponsor community member attendance
    • Bring outside speakers to Saginaw to fulfill need
  1. Trainer Development
    • Springboard from this workgroup as potential trainers, with interested persons completing a train-the-trainer process for presenting SOC 101 to different community groups and also collaborating in presentations at conferences, eventually becoming a Speaker’s Bureau
    • Research and revise policy that could support using local clinicians as resources for training
    • Recruit possible trainers from the community (i.e. clinicians at Saginaw Psychological that might be good at training on Anxiety Disorder in youth)
  1. Community Resource Development
    • Canvass community for training opportunities that can be shared or collaborated with
    • Broadcast training/education opportunities to community partners through System of Care
    • Be a resource to the community on mental health training

Membership and Structure

The TA and Training Team is made up of 1) community members, including system partners, families and youth interested in educating the community about System of Care and 2) System of Care Administrative staff. Members should also feel comfortable presenting in front of small groups.

Estimated Time Commitment

This is an ongoing workgroup. The group meets at least monthly for about two hours (but more frequently if needed) and also completes some work behind the scenes and as part of other teams and workgroups (estimated to take two to three hours a month).

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