Youth Breaking Boundaries Youth Development Team

Youth Breaking Boundaries is a youth development team responsible for providing input to the Saginaw MAX System of Care effort, ensuring the effort remains aware of youth experiences and identifying strategies for promoting youth involvement.


  1. Serve as equal members in the Saginaw MAX governance as advocates and decision-makers;
  2. Serve as a place for development of leadership skills and experience;
  3. Provide outreach, education and support to youth and Saginaw MAX partners in order to engage them in Saginaw MAX efforts;
  4. Hold the broader system of care accountable for meeting high standards of care including cultural and linguistic competence; family and youth involvement; and effective (evidence-based) practice;
  5. Create events in the community to engage and educate youth about Saginaw MAX including legislative advocacy, seminars, trainings and workshops on various topics.


Youth Breaking Boundaries Team consists of:

  1. Youth who are currently involved in Saginaw County systems (juvenile justice, child welfare, education, mental health) and interested in creating a collaborative system change;
  2. Youth or adolescents between the ages of six and 17 with serious emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges;
  3. Youth who have an interest in creating systems change for youth with emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges.

Youth meeting the criteria are a mixture of past and current firsthand knowledge of multiple child-serving systems with complex emotional and behavioral challenges and youth without these challenges who have a vested interest in creating systemic change. These youth recognize the barriers, social stigma and frustration that youth with emotional and behavioral challenges live each day.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Youth Breaking Boundaries, use our contact form, or call 989.797.3400.

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