System of Care goals

Over the six-year life of its supporting grant, Saginaw MAX System of Care plans to produce better outcomes for at least 375 Saginaw County youth with complex emotional and behavioral challenges. It also aims to create a sustainable system of care so this approach can continue beyond the life of the grant. Key stakeholders plan to:

  1. Expand community capacity to serve children and youth with complex emotional and behavioral issues and their families
  2. Develop a comprehensive continuum of services and supports that are evidence-based, culturally and linguistically competent and rooted in the local community
  3. Create a structure that promotes individualized service planning through a cross-agency Wraparound process
  4. Promote the full participation of youth and families in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of the system of care

Saginaw MAX will transform the system that cares for young people with complex emotional and behavioral challenges:

From To
Fragmented service delivery Coordinated service delivery
Categorical programs/funding Blended resources
Limited services Comprehensive services/supports
Reactive, crisis-oriented Focus on prevention and early intervention
Out-of-home placements Individualized services/supports in least restrictive, normalized environments
Children out-of-home Children with their families
Centralized authority Community-based ownership
Creation of dependency Creation of self-help

To accomplish these goals, Saginaw MAX planning teams have developed specific plans to address key areas.

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