How Wraparound works

James is a 13-year-old boy in the child welfare system. After being caught shoplifting, he also became involved with the juvenile justice system. His mother has a history of alcohol abuse and child neglect.

After bringing together representatives of the systems serving James, his family members and other people in his support network, the Wraparound team developed a care plan that built on James’ strengths and helped meet his needs. It included:

  • Arranging to meet James and his mother in their home at a time that does not conflict with the family’s schedule. This helps agency representatives work in partnership with the family to ensure the goals of the service plan can be met.
  • The care coordinator works with James’ school system to arrange alternative transportation for James while he stays with a relative. This allows him the comfort and continuity of staying at his current school.
  • A family advocate works as a liaison between the juvenile justice and family court systems, helping James’ family understand the importance of following the expectations of both courts.
  • Flexible funding sources allow James to attend music lessons, exploring an area of interest that gives him a positive focus. He does this while his mother attends substance abuse counseling, reducing the need for childcare.

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