Wraparound care principles

Wraparound care is guided by 10 principles:

  1. Family voice and choice. You are an active partner in the treatment process. We actively seek the perspective of the family and child, and those perspectives are given priority during the Wraparound process.
  2. Team-based. The Wraparound team consists of people agreed upon by the family and committed to the child through informal, formal and community support and service relationships.
  3. Natural supports. The team encourages full participation of supportive people including neighbors and friends. The plan includes activities that draw on sources of natural support.
  4. Collaboration. The child is best helped if all the important systems in his or her life are working together toward similar goals.
  5. Community-based. Mental health treatment is more successful if it takes place with the child fully integrated into home and community life.
  6. Culturally competent. The Wraparound process demonstrates respect for and builds on the values, preferences, beliefs, culture and identity of the child/youth and family and their community.
  7. Individualized. Every child has different needs and abilities. The treatment plan must reflect that individuality.
  8. Strengths-based. The Wraparound process and plan identify, build on and strengthen what’s going well with the child, his or her family and their support network: their capabilities, knowledge, skills and assets.
  9. Persistence. No matter the challenges, the team persists in working toward the goals included in the Wraparound plan until the team reaches agreement that a formal Wraparound process is no longer required.
  10. Outcome-based. The team ties the goals and strategies of the plan to things that can be seen or measured, watches those things carefully and makes adjustments as necessary.

These principles are put into practice through a four-step planning process.

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