Alone! Alone! Alone!


It's like I'm wearing a mask, no one can see my face
I'm not scared of monsters; I already wear the ugliest face
Forever in the dark; can someone lead me to the light?
My only friend is the silence, so I'm always at the night
No one can step in my shoes; tell me why you won't fit?
No one can understand me; not even if you went through what I did
Broken mirror in my hands; I can relate to the broken pieces
Because once my heart was shattered; I couldn't stand so I dropped to my knees
Did the world just end? I'm already drowning in tears
I'm also burning inside; flames are coming out of my ears
I built walls around me, but it's like the walls are laughing at me
I'm probably crazy in my head; these words are starting to attack me
No home so I'm alone. Ill crawl back to the dark
My shadow left me; so now I'm back from where I start.

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