Maximize your role

Saginaw MAX System of Care is designed to meet five key goals:

  • Family and youth voice will be the driver of treatment and care
  • Service delivery will be coordinated and comprehensive rather than fragmented
  • Financial resources will be blended rather than strictly categorized
  • Wherever possible, services will be delivered in supportive, normalized environments rather than out-of-home placements
  • All care is focused on self-help rather than dependency

Saginaw MAX is firmly committed to the “Wraparound” approach. This means that you, as a professional provider of services, play an important role in the design and delivery of care, which may include:

  • Assisting in selecting agencies, organizations and individuals who should be part of the child’s team
  • Helping identify the child’s and family’s strengths, needs and culture
  • Gathering documentation from the various systems that serve the child
  • Participating in planning
  • Sharing information to assist in measuring the child’s progress
  • Helping obtain flexible funds that may be available through your system or others

To learn more about your role in the Saginaw MAX System of Care, contact us at 989.797.3400.

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