Better collaboration leads to better care

The interagency cooperation and “Wraparound” concept is MAX’s biggest benefit for youth with complex emotional and behavioral challenges. It’s also the biggest benefit to you as a service provider.

The Saginaw MAX System fosters interagency collaboration — beyond traditional child- and family-service agencies into each area that provides support: public, private, nonprofit, community and faith-based service providers and supports, both formal and informal.

Saginaw MAX helps these collaborative partners work together to address the complex needs of youth and families in a spirit of community partnership. This collaboration is reflected at both the governance and direct practice level, and it:

  • Reduces duplication of services and allows you to operate more efficiently
  • Helps create a greater understanding of the policies and statutes that drive funding and practice issues among community and agency partners
  • Maximizes funding and programmatic resources available to children and families

By working together on a common plan, Saginaw MAX increases your ability to help youth and families by:

  • Identifying service gaps
  • Developing interagency training agendas
  • Developing funding strategies
  • Creating program development strategies

To learn more about how Saginaw MAX System of Care can help you better meet the needs of youth with complex emotional and behavioral challenges and their families, contact us at 989.797.3400.

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