Maximize your role

One of the key goals of Saginaw MAX System of Care is to make sure services for a child with complex emotional and behavioral challenges are delivered in a normalized and supportive environment whenever possible, as opposed to in hospitals, detention centers, foster care or other places outside of the child’s home.

As part of a child’s support network, you play a key role in helping us meet that goal, by:

  • Supporting the child and family as they become oriented to the care team and its process
  • Supporting the child and his or her family to have a meaningful part in all decision-making
  • Ensuring that meeting times are convenient for the child and family
  • Helping the care team understand the child and the family – from a developmental and cultural standpoint
  • Noting the progress of strategies used in the child’s care, and helping the family and child understand that progress
  • Making sure the strategies are focused first on the child’s and family’s strengths and needs
  • Keeping the child and family connected to other parts of a support network, including families with similar experiences

To know more about your role in Saginaw MAX System of Care, contact us at 989.797.3400.

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