Maximize your role

If you’re the family of a child with complex emotional and behavioral challenges, there are two important roles for you to fill.

Support and advocate for your child

The system of care is designed to enhance support for a child with complex emotional and behavioral challenges. But the family is still that child’s most important support structure. Saginaw MAX is here to not only ensure your child gets the attention and services he or she needs, but also to help you more effectively provide that support.

As part of your child’s support structure, it’s important that you take an active role. You must be your child’s advocate, making sure members of the care team understand his or her wants, needs, fears and feelings.

At the same time, you’ll need to be understanding of the role played by each member of the team. Your cooperation and respect are important in ensuring that your child gets the right care.

Advocate for others

You can help the families of other children with complex emotional and behavioral challenges. Saginaw MAX System of Care has several planning teams. Each is responsible for overseeing specific aspects of the system. Each includes children and their families — some who have complex emotional and behavioral challenges, some who do not.

Your voice, experience, support and ideas are valuable in helping us plan, manage and evaluate our services. There are two opportunities for you to be involved:

  • Family Development Team: Ensures that the Saginaw MAX System of Care remains aware of families’ experiences and promotes family engagement.
  • Youth Development Team: Works with young people within the system to ensure their voice is part of everything we do.

Your voice experience are important: to us, to families and to young people with complex emotional and behavioral issues. You can learn more about each of the teams by following the links above. Or contact us at 989.797.3400.

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