Maximize your support

If you have complex emotional and behavioral challenges, sometimes referred to as Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED), you probably already know of the many different “systems” that are there to help you. Saginaw MAX System of Care is designed to do three things: 

  • get each provider and each system that works with you to be part of a coordinated team
  • set goals that every member of the team is working toward
  • make sure each member of the team keeps your needs, thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes at the top of its priority list

In the past, the different organizations working with youth with complex emotional and behavioral challenges — schools, mental health, child welfare, courts, families, churches and many others — each had their own goals, their own processes and their own rules. Some overlapped. Some conflicted. Saginaw MAX brings all of those resources together and gets them all working on the same goals. Learn more about how that works here.

Saginaw MAX also puts you and your family at the center of the process. Your voice becomes an important part of your care. Saginaw MAX also gives you an opportunity to help shape the system itself, as part of a planning team, and to help other youth with complex emotional and behavioral challenges by offering peer support. You can learn more about those opportunities here.

Would you like to talk to someone to find out more about Saginaw MAX? Contact us, or call 989.797.3400.

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